Reflexology Massage

Reflexology is a form of massage that requires the application of suitable pressure towards specific areas and points in hands, feet, or ears. Many reflexologists claim that these reflex points in the body can easily match up to other organs and systems and that if massaged regularly, they can cater to some fantastic benefits to a person’s overall well-being and health. Reflexologists utilize a foot map to guide their massage therapy (also called a Reflexology chart).  This chart helps the reflexologists in releasing stress, prepare the body for fast healing, and re-develop itself. There are different theories as to how this process works, some of which we have detailed below.

How It Works

In traditional Chinese medicine, Reflexology is all about the vital energy flowing through everyone’s body. They claim that when a person is stressed, this vital energy is blocked, which can lead to a certain imbalance in the body and sickness. Through Reflexology, you can keep this essential energy flowing through the system and keep it in good shape, balanced, and diseases-free. In Chinese medicine, different body organs are linked to various pressure points in the body. A therapist can map these points through hands, feet, and ears and determine where they should begin the healing.

Many British researchers and scientists found that almost all nerves are connected to the internal organs and the skin and that a nervous system can easily adjust to external factors, for example, touch. The touch of a reflexologist can calm the nerves and promote relaxation in the body, just like any other form of massage therapy.

Other people believe that the brain deals with pain as an idiosyncratic experience. At times, it can respond to physical pain but may also generate pain in reaction to mental or emotional suffering. Reflexology can reduce the pain and agony trough soft and calming touch, which can ultimately improve a person’s mood and reduce anxiety/stress.


Following are some of the essential benefits of Reflexology are:


Reflexology can open your neural conduits and enhance the activity of neurons, which eventually puts the body in a more relaxed and stress-free condition.

Improve Nerve Functions

With age, bod nerves may start to become less sensitive in some areas of the body. Reflexology can clean up neural pathways and thus improve the flexibility of nerves and functionality of cells in vital organs of the body.

Improve Brain Power

Reflexology can stimulate your nerves; thus, information streams more effectively and more rapidly to the brain, which enables your brain to handle and process the data even faster than usual.

Improve Blood Circulation

The most amazing benefit of Reflexology is that it improves overall blood circulation in the body. It means that more blood with more oxygen can get cycled and delivered through body organs effectively. More deliverance of oxygen in the vital organs also results in rapid healing and regeneration of damaged or injured cells.

Eliminate Body Toxins

Once your blood circulation is improved, Reflexology will also improve your bladder function, which eliminates the possibility of UTIs and the elimination of toxins and other harmful foreign elements from the body.

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